Dyno Tuning

Using our Dyno Dynamics chassis dynamometer we can perform essential adjustments to your vehicle without guesswork.

Dyno tuning isn't just for performance engines, it benefits all; from stock daily drivers to race cars and everything in between.

With the use of custom tuning software such as VCM Suite and SCT we're able to adjust a variety of variables in the factory PCM, extracting more power, while retaining and often improving fuel economy.

Services include:

  • Custom Tuning

  • Power Runs

  • Economy Tuning

We also run a Dyno Days which are open to the public, many of which you can see in our image gallery.

166 Beatty Road, Archerfield. QLD. 4108
Phone: 07 3274 2445
Fax: 07 3255 6529
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