Clutch & Brake


We utilise NPC clutch kits. These have been developed with the daily driver in mind.

For our high horsepower applications, we have developed a clutch that has a pedal that is not much heavier than factory. These clutch kits are rated to 430 rear wheel kilowatts.

Please call for current pricing on all clutch kits.


Whether its a simple pad and rotor upgrade or a complete caliper, pad and rotor upgrade, we have you covered.

We utilise the following brands to make your beast pull up on a dime, no matter what the braking application:

  • Bendix
  • DBA Disc Rotors
  • RDA Disc Rotors
  • EBC Brake Pads
  • Harrop Engineering
  • PBR
  • VTTR Racing Brakes

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